Kill Bill's Schoolgirl Assassin Launches Singing Career

Kill Bill's Schoolgirl Assassin Launches Singing Career

Japanese Actress Chiaki Kuriyama, perhaps best known to the U.S. audience as killer schoolgirl Gogo Yubari in Kill Bill, is preparing to launch a new career as a pop singer. She will make her debut in Japan next week, word on upcoming releases in the States is still pending.

Kuriyama's first single, "Ryusei No Namida" will be the theme song for the forthcoming anime Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn. As fans of the genre know, an anime theme credit can bolster an artist's reputation both in Japan and throughout the international community. Add that to the wild popularity of the Gundam franchise and it seems like Kuriyama, who also appeared in the cult hit Battle Royale, has made a wise career move.

Chiaki Kuriyama now
Chiaki Kuriyama now

Though you can't hear it in the single, Kuriyama's favorite artists include My Chemical Romance, Amy Winehouse and Marilyn Manson. Instead, "Ryusei No Namida" is a straightforward pop ballad. Check out the video below.

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Here's a preview for Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn, which will be available on March 12.

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