KCRW To Debut Daft Punk's "Tron: Legacy" Soundtrack on Monday

Their work is never over.
Their work is never over.

Few film soundtracks have created more of a sensation BEFORE their release than Daft Punk's Tron: Legacy soundtrack. Throughout the year, various "leaked" tracks would wash up on the digital shores of the internet, only to be outted as fakes. But on Monday, L.A.'s venerable public radio station KCRW will give us the real deal. KCRW will air a rebroadcast of the recent Tron: Legacy preview event, which included some exclusive first listens to Daft Punk's new songs from the 22 track album. KCRW's music director Jason Bentley, who music supervised the film, will host an interview with Tron director Joseph Kosinski and discuss how he wrangled the French robot duo to create the synthy score for the futuristic film.

The tracks will air at 10 am on Morning Becomes Eclectic, but until then here is an exclusive first look of technology behind Tron:

Tron Guy! Meme-mber him?
Tron Guy! Meme-mber him?

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