It's Raining Vans!: People Under the Stairs Remix Contest Deadline Tomorrow!

Listen up, DJs and Hip-Hopheads! This might be your last chance to remix People Under the Stairs and score more Vans stuff than if Hotdog On a Stick exploded and blew up the entire mall, including the Vans store, and Vans stuff was launched into the air, eventually entering the ionosphere, followed by a cold front or some other such weather pattern, eventually raining Vans stuff on your head/face/moped like on that awesome movie about the meatballs!

Thes One
Thes One
Double K
Double K

(Watch People Under the Stairs announce the contest and Listen to "Hit the Top" after the jump)

The People Under the Stairs--renowned for refreshingly pure hip hop, old school in composition, straight forward in structure, and smoother than I Can't Believe It's Not Butter--have teamed up with Vans to offer a remix contest for "Hit the Top" from PUTS' (yeah, not the best acronym, right?) latest album Carried Away .

Best mix gets mega-recognition and Vans galore. The deadline is November 10th--as in TOMORROW!--read the instructions at the Vans site, and get crack-a-lackin!'

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