Is Ruin Hollywood Making a Comeback?

Last November, we covered Ruin Hollywood and the resurgence of LA's goth scene. Six months later, the Friday night party, which actually took place in Koreatown at Wilshire Blvd. haunt Monte Cristo, drew its final breath. But nothing goth is truly dead and it looks like Ruin Hollywood might be rising from the clubland graveyard.

Ruin Hollywood
Ruin Hollywood
Liz Ohanesian

The club, which is noted for mixing genre standards from Marc and the Mambas and Coil with newer material from artists like Bat for Lashes and IAMX, will be resurfacing this Friday night at Monte Cristo. Whether or not this will turn into another weekly run for the party remains unknown at this time.

Friday's event will feature two rooms of music and an absinthe bar. Guests are requested to dress up for the occasion, preferably in royal blue, indigo or purple. For more information, check out LA Dead.

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