In Battles of the Bands, The Slightlys Keep Winning (VIDEO)

Since forming just two years ago, L.A.-based pop/rock band The Slightlys have already won three "Battle of the Bands" competitions and played both the Warped Tour and the Santa Monica Pier Twilight Concert series. Pretty impressive, right? But here's the even more impressive part: They're all still in high school.

L.A. Weekly met The Slightlys in the back yard of drummer David Marinelli's home in Burbank, where the precocious four-piece talked about balancing homework and family life with the excitement of playing gigs for 10,000 people. You know, normal teenager stuff.

In Battles of the Bands, The Slightlys Keep Winning (VIDEO)
Photo by Ted Catanzaro, courtesy of The Slightlys

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