Halloween Weekend Priority: Hot Chip DJ Set at Avalon

Halloween Weekend Priority: Hot Chip DJ Set at Avalon

Here's something that slipped under our radar, and completely transforms Halloween weekend. Friday, October 30 at Avalon: Control presents a Hot Chip DJ set. Now, any of you who have either Hot Chip's DJ Kicks session, or have fallen in love with the now vanished from online Greco-Roman Mix that Music for Robots had up forever, will understand how this changes everything as far as how to start off the weekend.

If you haven't heard a mix of theirs, here's this two hour Essential Mix from Pete Tong's BBC show:

click here for download link to Hot Chip's Essential Mix

If you don't know Hot Chip, you probably are wrong and do know Hot Chip but don't know it. A few key tracks after the jump.

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The amazing "Ready for the Floor" video.

"One Pure Thought" video, from their most recent full length, Made in the Dark.

"Over and Over," a popularity fueled by smart licensing in TV commercials.


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