"H is for Ho": Sesame Street Does "Ain't No Fun (If the Homies Can't Have None)"

"Well, if Kurupt gave a ..." Kermit Tha Kingpin
"Well, if Kurupt gave a ..." Kermit Tha Kingpin

If Nate Dogg's untimely passing has a silver lining, it's been the mass revisiting of his vast catalog of songs.

We found a Nate neophyte (nope, not even "Regulate") and were giving him the YouTube tour when we stumbled upon a Sesame Street version of "Ain't No Fun," an X-rated romp from Snoop's 1993 classic, Doggystyle.

Re-imagining Kermit as Kurupt Tha Kingkin is funny, but Big Bird as Nate Dogg is inspired. Just as gentle as the giant yellow-feathered fowl is Nate Dogg's croon, which always manages to make lines like, "And you even licked my balls" sound kid-friendly.

We even got a little sentimental as Big Bird roller skated in slow motion as Nate sweetly sings, "Cause IIIIIIII have never met a girl that IIIIIIII love in the whole wide world." We'll miss you, Nate.

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