Graveface Records No. 1: The Loose Salute

Savannah, Ga.'s, Graveface Records is the unassuming indie label that could. Like L.A.'s In the Red, Graveface is clearly run by folks who give a shit and who will not let all this talk about "the dying music business" and "the death of the CD" make them stop putting out daring, interesting recordings by talented weirdos. Case in point: The Loose Salute, a soft-pop band from the U.K., masterminded by Ian McCutcheon (Mojave 3, Slowdive), which makes gorgeous, melodic little gems influenced by the lost summer sounds of the Free Design, Lee Hazlewood and John Phillips' John the Wolf King of L.A. In the U.K. or Japan, it wouldn't be so daring to release a gentle, literate album by a band named after an obscure Michael Nesmith record, but putting out Getting Over Being Under (June 7) stateside in the American Idol era takes some cojones. We salute Graveface and strongly recommend you add to your playing list opener "It's a Beautiful Thing" and "Hermosa," the gentlest S&M ballad since the Jazz Butcher's "Just Like Betty Page."


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