Grape Exaltations

Abandoned warehouses, horse ranches, shopping malls . . . during the burgeoning SoCal rave scene of the early ’90s, we did ’em all. But one dance-o-rama has forever drenched our brain cells: the Grape Ape party at Wild Rivers Waterpark in Irvine. Subsequent Ape map points led to some memorable landlocked dance fests, but like the underground scene itself, the party dried up a few years later. Now “the original Monkey Around Underground” is back (though, due to copyright problems with the cartoon, the promoters are calling the event Future Ape). Thirteen years have passed and things aren’t quite so unbridled, but the music is still pulse-pounding — and, thanks to the skills of the DJs who emerged (many from L.A.), techno, house and other forms are finally recognized for more than hedonistic dance floor X-uberance. On board for this one-off Day-Glo-flier flashback is a bevy of old-school spin-sters, including Ron D Core, Barry Weaver, Steve Loria, Swedish Egil, Bryan Cox, Mr. Kool Aid, Simply Jeff, Sean Perry and many more. This one’s not at a water park, but a suitably spacious ranch (à la outdoor Paw Paw Patch party of yore). And though no map points are involved, expect a bit of a drive (part of the fun, right?). Live Oak Canyon Ranch, 5305 Santiago Canyon, Silverado; Sat., Aug. 25, starts at noon; presale $40, $100 VIP.

—Lina Lecaro


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