Gorillaz to Perform 'Secret' Show on Friday, Absurdly Request No Phones

Losanjealous reports that Gorillaz will have a "dress rehearsal" this Friday in LA for their Coachella-closing gig on Sunday.

Jumping through a lot of hoops is of course required, summarized by Losanjealous (or by the band, unclear) suchly:

What: Gorillaz "Dress Rehearsal" Pre-Coachella Secret Show

When: This Friday, April 16, evening

Where: Somewhere in LA (winners will be notified where by e-mail day of show)

Who: Gorilliaz with Damon Albarn WITH Paul Simonon AND Mick Jones on board

Why: Because it's Gorillaz and this is Los Angeles

NOTE: NO cameras OR phones will be allowed

NOTE 2: You must be 18 years or older

NOTE 3: Tickets may be available to G-Club members.

NOTE 4: PLEASE don't enter if there is even A CHANCE you cannot make it. You will NOT be able to make it back to Coachella in time for deadmau5 if you that's your plan.

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