Fuck Yeah Fashion: From Fugly to Fabulous

Women in warpaint during Warpaint.

Lina LecaroWomen in warpaint during Warpaint.

We'll say this now about this past weekend's FYFest: even though we kinda wanted to hate on all the beard boys and mismatched chick cliques who played on stage, we didn't. Sonically, nearly every band we saw slayed it. Most were noisy yet catchy, completely unbridled and charismatic in spite of presentation.

And by presentation, we mean clothing and personal style-- on performers and patrons alike. Not since the grunge era has looking clean and put together seemed such a crime. Did FYF stand for "Filthy Young Freaks" or "Fierce Young Femmes/Fellas"? Depends on who was doing the wearing and who was doing the looking.

We're actually starting to think pretty girls might look prettier when contrasted with bad 90's getups. And maybe handsome chaps do seem mysterious with don't-give-a-fuck hillbilly facial hair. Perhaps we're just getting desensitized to "the indie kid look," but either way, Saturday, we shot what we think was nice cross-section of style, some of it Fugly, some of it pretty Fabulous. Which is which? You be the judge...

Birds of a feather...

Lina LecaroBirds of a feather...

Furry animalhead hats are the shutter shades of 2010.

Lina LecaroFurry animalhead hats are the shutter shades of 2010.

Boho babes mix it up.

Lina LecaroBoho babes mix it up.

One cute couple.

Lina LecaroOne cute couple.

Tubed twosome.

Lina LecaroTubed twosome.

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