Josh Homme: Na'avi
Josh Homme: Na'avi

Fresh Pots!: Dave Grohl Is a Violent Coffee Addict, Says Na'avi Bandmate Josh Homme

MTV reports on a new video posted by Them Crooked Vultures to their YouTube account where we discover two really interesting facts:

1. Dave Grohl is (or was, during the making of their album) addicted to coffee. He keeps asking for "FRESH POTS!" like a crazy person, fueling himself for his customary manic drumming.


2. Josh Homme is a Na'avi. We always thought his size, productivity and penchant for remote dwellings were not quite human, but this new video finally proves that Homme is definitely related to the aliens from Avatar.

Behold this undoctored screen capture from the "Fresh Pots!" video clip:

Josh Homme: Na'avi
Josh Homme: Na'avi

Grohl going mental over FRESH POTS, after the jump.


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