EXCLUSIVE Listen: Pantera's "Cowboys From Hell," Live in LA in 1990 at the Foundations Forum, 20 Years Ago Today!

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of Pantera's legendary set at the Foundations Forum metal conference held at the Sheraton Plaza La Reina in Los Angeles on September 15, 1990, the good folk at Rhino Records have made available, exclusively to LA Weekly's West Coast Sound, the version of "Cowboys from Hell" performed at that show!

The track is included on the just-released Deluxe Version of Pantera's Cowboys from Hell album, along with a recording of the rest of their set, the Monsters in Moscow tracks and whole album of unissued demos (click here or here to purchase the album.)

And now, let's listen to some vintage live Pantera, shall we?:

"Cowboys From Hell" Live at the Foundations Forum, Los Angeles (9/17/1990), EXCLUSIVE FOR LA WEEKLY by LA Weekly Music

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