Exclusive: Beat Star Baths Remixes L.A. Underground Legend Brad Laner

For the uninitiated, it's time to get right with L.A. music.

Brad Laner first rose to local and national prominence in the first half of the '90s with his group Medicine.

Those dream-pop beginnings led to countless hours of home tape experimentation that stretched into the aughts and through countless projects: Steaming Coils, Lusk, Savage Republic, Electric Company, the Internal Tulips, Amnesia.

The dude's kept busy, which is why it's a surprise that on August 24 he releases what's only his second official solo album, Natural Selections, on the estimable Hometapes label.

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It's also a surprise that he hasn't crossed paths with the extended L.A. beat scene family (Dublab, Alpha Pup, Low End Theory) yet.

Until now, that is, as Chatsworth home-recorder Baths has given Laner's already glitchy rock collage "Crawl Back In" the remix treatment.

DOWNLOAD: Brad Laner - "Crawl Back In (Baths Remix)" [MP3]

Also, check out the pretty stunning video to the original by Brad's brother Josh Laner.

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