Essential West Coast House

Hardkiss, Delusions of Grandeur (Hardkiss, 1995)

Various artists mixed by Doc Martin, Unlock Your Mind (Moonshine, 1996)

Various artists mixed by DJ Dan, Funk the System (Moonshine, 1999)

Various artists mixed by Marques Wyatt, Sound Design, Vol. 1 (Om, 2000)

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Various artists mixed by H-Foundation, Nite:Life:02 (NRK, 2001)


The story of DJ Eddie Amador's 1998 classic "House Music" in his own words:


"I moved to California from Phoenix in 1996. I went out, and I felt a frustration in that there were only one or two venues in L.A. playing house. So I wrote those words, 'Not everyone understands house music/It's a spiritual thing, a body thing, a soul thing.' It was in frustration over those promoters who were just out to pack venues instead of pushing a sound. They don't see house music as a marketable tool here. After writing those words back in 1998, I met a man on the street named Beat Street. I liked his voice and I asked him to talk into this Walkman cassette recorder, and he said those words. I took it home and put it in my sampler. I pressed white labels and freely gave them to DJs in L.A., and before you know it, I had a deal with Yoshitoshi [Deep Dish's acclaimed label]. That was my first release. Now I go to Europe and I test my music out on the crowds every weekend."

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