Epic Star Wars Tattoo: "Super Sexy and Strange"

Epic Star Wars Tattoo: "Super Sexy and Strange"
Bryce Nadeau (Tattoo), Shannon Cottrell (original photo)

Recently, Bryce Nadeau of L.A.'s Kustom Kulture Tattoo came across the photo of burlesque star Courtney Cruz's turn as a stormtrooper that Shannon Cottrell shot for L.A. Weekly. The tattoo artist was taken by the image and, after convincing his roommate, Kevin Squire, to act as a canvas, Nadeau inked the above tattoo using Cottrell's photo as a reference.

"The pose and the outfit, it was too good of an opportunity," he said over the phone, describing the image as "super sexy and strange."

Nadeau intends to showcase the art at tattoo conventions this year. In the meantime, Cruz's troupe Devil's Playground is bringing their infamous Star Warz Burlesque show to Henry Fonda Theater on March 13 12. Stay tuned for more details.

Check out more photos in our "Star Wars Goes Burlesque" photo gallery.

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