Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas Coverage Ahead

Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas Coverage Ahead
Colin Young-Wolff

This weekend the traveling dance music bacchanal Electric Daisy Carnival comes to Las Vegas and, for some reason, you're not going to be there. Perhaps you couldn't afford the gloves with the glowing fingers, or your roommate ate all of your drugs.

But never fear! Beginning Saturday morning and continuing into next week, our top-notch electronic music writer Dennis Romero will be covering the scene from top to bottom. Also on the premises will be...

Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas Coverage Ahead
Colin Young-Wolff

...these ladies (maybe) and our ace photographer Christopher Victorio. Expect documentation of not only the sites and sounds, but on-the-ground reporting on everything new, cool, bogus, and stumbling.

For now, take a gander at some of our previous EDC and EDM-related stories and slideshows, and be sure to check in here starting early tomorrow.

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