Eastside Sound System: Lady Kate & Stone's "Tuff Rock Soul" Tonight at Footsies

You may have noticed that Lady Kate & Stone, the impeccably hip DJ couple who man and woman the decks on Tuesday nights at Highland Park institution Footsies, have been MIA for the last few weeks. Do not worry: they are back and they have a really good excuse for their absence.

The pair has just returned from a cross-country vinyl-hunting trip and they are ready to share their aural loot tonight from 9:30 until closing at their regular venue. From what we hear, they will be serving a particularly potent and obscure version of their usual winning mix of soul, rock, reggae, and country.

If you dig the sound of black vinyl and southern dirt (or if you like some good music while you get drunk before engorging yourself on potato tacos next door at El Atacor), you do not wanna miss the return of Lady Kate & Stone's Sound System.

(And if you wanna see an even more delicious side of Lady Kate, check out her awesome rock and roll cakes after the jump.)

Footsies: 2640 N. Figueroa St. (Highland Park), (323) 221-6900.

Lady Kate
Lady Kate
Chris Stone

When she's not spinning tasty vinyl, Lady Kate maintains a secret identity as pastry chef Kate Steffens, who blogs about her rock and roll cakes at Straight Outta Chocolate:

Love's Forever Changes cake
Love's Forever Changes cake
Dr Dre cake
Dr Dre cake

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