Drummer Vinnie Paul to Release Cookbook

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Vinnie Paul (Pantera, Hellyeah) is world renowned for his drumming skills, but did you know that he can cook too? At Wednesday's Golden Gods Nominations, the drummer told us that his next venture is a cookbook called Drumming up an Appetite with Vinnie Paul, which he says he would like to release towards the end of the year.

Drummer Vinnie Paul to Release Cookbook
Erin Broadley

"It's got a picture of me sitting behind a drum set with a turkey leg in one hand and a chicken leg in another," he says.

Paul told a little bit about his favorite dishes. " I love cooking fajitas. I'm from Texas and it's not a difficult thing to do, but a lot of people burn the chicken."

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He's also a fan of stuffed jalapeños. " I take fresh jalapeños, put cream cheese on them, maybe a little fajita seasoning, cheddar cheese on top and the key ingredient, which I learned in Australia, is barbecue sauce. Don't put hot sauce on it, just a little barbecue sauce on them. Put them on the grill."

Yes, it seems that Paul is a fan of spicy food and he has a little party trick involving the hot stuff. " When I have parties, I have little sandwiches. I always make sure I have two or three fresh habaneros and I only put them on one or two. There's always someone who comes running around the corner, 'Oh my god! I don't know what was in those, but my mouth is on fire! What do I do?!'

"It's fucking awesome. Somebody always gets one, but nobody knows who."

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