Dr. Dre vs. The Hippies: Did Dre Try to Make Money Out of Burning Man?

Fader magazine and a mysterious Tumblr misleadingly called drdrestartedburningman.tumblr.com are currently pimping a pseudo meme called "Dr. Dre Started Burning Man." Of course Dr. Dre did not start Burning Man--a bunch of hippies did. But Fader and the Tumblr site have posted a 1995 letter allegedly in Dre's handwriting where the Dr. mentions running into the original Burners in the desert while on a video scouting trip and wondering how he could get in on the action and make money out of them. He also makes very ostensible heterosexual statements about the recipient of the letter, a lady named Nicole, proving once and for all what a humongous heterosexual Dr. Dre is, wanting to get up in ladies' asses and such. Read the whole thing:

Dr. Dre: Ladies' man, hippie profiteer
Dr. Dre: Ladies' man, hippie profiteer

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