Coachella Day 2: Jenny Lewis on God, Love, Family and Travel

Coachella nights, bathed in tattoo blue.
Coachella nights, bathed in tattoo blue.
Timothy Norris

Out under the stars, Jenny Lewis' songs about God, love, family and travel sounded divine. Her coutry-tinged rock 'n' roll, even at its most bar-room raucous, gave the impression of a fireside gathering led by a counselor with a flair (and great talent) for the theatrical.

Lewis confidently owns her solo status these days, and does well with a gang of lanky, long-haired gunslingers (including her live-in beau Jonathan Rice) assembled to execute her vision. The set's best moment came with "Acid Tongue," where Miss Lewis, accompanied by a motley choir that included a still-hatted Conor Oberst, led the crowd in sing-along.

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