Club Cliques Get Wet n' Wild at Summertramp's Downtown Kick-off

Swigging and jiggling at Summertramp

Lina LecaroSwigging and jiggling at Summertramp

"LA clubs can be kind of clique-ish ... this party is like Switzerland," says Andres Rigal, the creator of Summertramp, the monthly blow-up toy dec'd blowout that brings together clubbers and rubbers from LA's most popular, often competing, polysexual (gay, straight and everything in "bi"-tween) parties on the parking lot of Tony's Saloon.

This past Saturday's kick-off was co-hosted by Mr. Black's Luke Nero (donning his club's signature butt-less tux look) and omni-present PoptArt Gallery owner Lenora Claire (celebrating her birthday with an appropriate "Speedos and Tuxedos" theme, plus a disco-light-and-stripper-pole equipped party bus). The outdoor bacchanal brought out bikinis, heels and fabulously bedazzled looks ... and the ladies were looking pretty hot, too.

Summer Tramps.

Lina LecaroSummer Tramps.

Claire's bus was the VIP room of sorts, with video director Dean Karr, Kid Infinity's Ryan Pardeiro, SemiPrecious Weapons' Cole Whittle (his band's Empire party at On The Rox is tonight; see how to RSVP at end of this post), photographer Austin Young (this is the last week you can view his lauded "You Face Here" show at PoptArt before the portraits come down --and home with subjects, including yours truly-- this Thusday!) and the "The Enigma" (the puzzle-tatted performer probably best known for his work with Jim Rose's Circus Sideshow) with galpal Serana Rose. The restless Claire, by the way, is curating a room featuring erotic art by rockstars at the infamous 
Dirty Show on June 10th and an upcoming show, realiTEASE at Pop

The Enigma and Lenora Claire get in pole position on her party bus.

Lina LecaroThe Enigma and Lenora Claire get in pole position on her party bus.

Rigal, best known for his work at Bardot in Hollywood (check out our report from his b-day bash with Charo here), chooses a different club to host each month. Past (ho)stesses have included the promoters and DJs from Full Frontal Disco and A Club Called Rhonda and he tells us next month, it's Club Scout (get those hotpanted uniforms ready, gurls). A giant inflatable waterslide, pool toys, an ice cream truck and Astro-turf set the scene and skilled DJs (two favorite females, Valida and Daisy O'Dell rocked the decks mid-afternoon), but it's the saucy -- and sauced-- crowd (and their outrageous style) that make this one sizzle. Switzerland sure is sexy.

Waving the freak flag at Summertramp.

Lina LecaroWaving the freak flag at Summertramp.

Summertramp slideshow here.

Look out for our Nightranger slideshow, which will include more sultry and soaked Summertramp scenester shots along with exclusive pics from Tim Burton's Private LACMA bash.

RSVP info. for tonight's SemiPrecious Weapons' free eve of debauchery (featuring both the band and live Voyeur burlesque) here.

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