Beauty Bar Superstar: Steve Bays (left) and Dustin Hawthorne (right) of Hot Hot Heat with Har Mar Superstar (center), L.A. Beauty Bar, 10/2

Beauty Bar Superstar

 Killer Sweaters: Dave Tamaroff, Brandon Flowers (The Killers), Kirk Sommer at the Download Fest, Shoreline Amphitheater, 10/8

 Plastic: Devon Aoki after taping of The Tonight Show in Burbank, 10/10

 Gladrags: Amos Natkin at the Goodwill as-is warehouse, 10/9

 Gettin’ Windy: Laura Simpson letting it all hang out, 10/8

 See More Butts: Winner of the S.F. Beauty Bar beauty pagent, 10/9



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