Annotating the SXSW Audience

Annotating the SXSW Audience
Drew Tewksbury

We're not psychic. But if we were these are the thoughts going though these SXSW'ers heads.

1. Who likes my Fedora? Scratch that, who doesn't like my fedora? That's right bitches, no one.

2. I'm so nervous, I so totes want to talk to this girl next to me, but how do I do it? Should I tweet about her? Should I ask what MP3 Blog she likes? OMG, where's my Paxil?

[Annotations continue, after the jump]

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3. Cheeseburgers really, really rule.

4. Let's wrassle!

5. Pose for the camera, honeys!

6. People still wear us? [Thoughts of the Birkenstocks]

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