Photo by Mark 'Cobrasnake' Hunter

All whacked out on E3

Talk about revenge of the nerds.


the Electronic Entertainment Expo, not only invaded downtown’s Convention Center last week, but it took over the entire city with enough exclusive parties to make the hipsterati hyperventilate. Too bad only Webheads and select celebs scored invites. First up, at the

Microsoft X-Box

bash at

The Shrine Auditorium

on Monday,

The Killers’

dance-rock ditties murdered a decidedly uncramped crowd who seemed more interested in the gigantic food-and-drink spreads. Virtually no chicks there, but we did spot deck diva

Sandra Collins,’s Julian Leuthold


Rabbit in the Moon

front man


(whose beats are heard on the new Xbox game



The Chemical Brothers’

block-rockin’ set, which turned into a pseudo-rave illuminated by those green glowy necklaces. The

Sony PSP

gathering in Hollywood, hosted by party pros

The Alliance,

featured vandalized-classroom art installations by

David LaChapelle

and photography by

Amanda De Cadenet

(Duran Duran pretty boy

John Taylor’s

ex, and Strokes guitarist

Nick Valensi’s

current squeeze). With a Warhol Factory theme, this was the most fashionable fête of the week, with nary a cybergeek in the bunch. Actors

Charlize Theron, Keanu Reeves


Stephen Dorff;

hip-hop heavies

Eve, Ludacris


Jermaine Dupree;

and local scenesters including bro-and-sis tag team

Donovan Leitch


Ione Skye,

Fresh Jive’s

Rick Klotz

and Ivar/Nacional proprietor

Rick Calamaro

mingled, while


and openers

Louis XIV

rocked brief but ballsy sets. Later we chatted with Louis’ lead crooner,

Jason Hill,

or tried to — we kept getting interrupted by a freaky fan from a well-known local glam band who shall remain nameless. (Hint: They’ve got “cool” in their name.) The

BPM/Best Buy Inside E3

event on Wednesday, with top turntable talents including

Deep Dish, Interpol’s Carlos D., DJ A.M.,

and our fave rock/disco/hip-hop masher of the eve,

Mark Ronson,

had the craziest door scene, longest wait and best VIP swag ($25 Best Buy gift cards). In the tiny

Spider Club,

game consoles, free drinks and snacks were enjoyed by

Johnny Knoxville, Spike Jonze, Melissa Rivers, Napoleon Dynamite’s Pedro

(living up to our “It boy” tag in a top hat and tails), and

Kevin Federline’s

babies’ mama,

Shar Jackson,

who hogged her video game — the only one played while lying down — most of the night. We tried to wait for it, but after partying with joystickers for three nights in a row, we ended up duckin’ out and crashing quicker than a cheap hard drive.


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