Ableton, Game Boy and Turntable Jam Session from [D] Squared (Video)

[D] Squared is a local duo comprised of DJs/promoters Derek Michael (Friendly Integration) and Baseck (Darkmatter). Their performances are jam sessions between a variety of classic and high-tech DJ gear. Michael uses Ableton, a Behringer BCF2000 MIDI controller, APC40 Ableton Performance Controller and a Machinedrum. Baseck works with one turntable and a stack of vinyl for scratching along with his trusty Game Boy.

[D] Squared live at TechniqueEXPAND
[D] Squared live at Technique
Liz Ohanesian

We caught [D] Squared play last week at Tuesday night techno hotspot Technique, held at Zanzibar in Santa Monica. Here's a clip from their set.

We're calling out [D] Squared as ones to watch this year, so keep an eye open for their name on party flyers.

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