A Star is Born!: Antoine Dodson Performs Live at the BET Awards

Antoine Dodson, bigger than Tay Zonday
Antoine Dodson, bigger than Tay Zonday

The BET Hip-Hop Awards (broadcast last night) displayed the kind of charming surprises that the super-contrived MTV Awards have become too bloated to provide.

We already told you about MC Hammer's appearance with closet Hammerhead Rick Ross, but later in the evening, a very responsive ATL audience was treated to the live debut of Antoine Dodson, the sassy "accidental" performer behind YouTube (and iTunes) hit "Bed Intruder Song."

Also handy to back everyone's favorite rape-averse homeboy: one of the white kids from Auto-Tune the News who made him a star (the nerdiest one).

(We could have done without the patronizing comments by the host afterwards. We think Antoine is here to stay).


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