A Pantheon of Satan's Greatest Hits for 9/9/09

It's been over three years since the most awesomest day in Satanic History: 6/6/06. Since there are few great commemorations of Beelzebub coming up, we'll just have to accept that today, 9/9/09, as the closest we will get. That's right, flip that shit and you got yourself devil day part two. Not that different than playing Judas Priest albums backward, right? It may be a bit of a stretch, but when you really think about it (don't think about it too hard), when else will you get the chance to review some of the greatest Satanic hits? Never. So without further ado, here's nine of the sweetest Satanic (and just some straight up devilish) rockers for this psuedo-Satanic holiday.

Corpse paint optional.


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