Perry Farrell gives an ocean-size performance at the MSO anniversary bash.
Perry Farrell gives an ocean-size performance at the MSO anniversary bash.

A Fresh New Scent

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The "butt" of snarky Silver Laker jokes since pretty much the day it opened, Stinkers on Sunset was nonetheless a rip-roarin' good time for those who allowed themselves to let loose inside, a rockin' schlock of spirited DJs and boozers (and, okay, some losers) able to appreciate or at least accept its white-trashy truck-stop splendor for what it was — silly fun. Yes, skunk tails above its stools blew smoke out their furry, black-and-white asses when a trucker horn was blown, but truth be told, most of the 'tenders were pretty prudent with 'em, puffing only at the height of the night (when everyone was blasted or oblivious). The critters and the beer cans and Burt Reynolds odes were over-the-top and cheesy, but we never quite got the ire the place inspired (and we've lived in S'Lake pretty much all our lives). A bar like Little Joy,

which tries to look like a shithole, is way more pretentious and annoying than a place that just goes for all-the-way camp. Of course, for a lot of the too-cool-to-care types (who really do care) who hated on Stinkers, it was just an easy target. It's all moot now, anyway.

The bar closed this past Monday, and the Tuesday before, owners Bobby Green, Dimitri Komarov and Dmitry Liberman (the trio of pals behind Bigfoot Lodge, Saints & Sinners and The Little Cave) auctioned off the bonanza of butts, Burts and beer to a packed house of collectors and kitsch lovers. Well, not the massive can collection, which they tell us is bonded into the building, so they'll have to just be covered rather then removed. Highest bid item? The bathroom door emblazoned with the Smokey & the Bandit star, for about $800. The butts, which auctioneer/DJ Jed Maheu touted "make great humidifiers" went for abut $150-$275 each. The bar will reopen anew in March and Nightranger has the exclusive scoop on the new spot right here: It'll be called The Old Crow, "a good ol' whiskey bar" inspired by the famed Kentucky bourbon whiskey. Expect a vintage adventurer vibe that offers a "timeless, less campy" ambience but retains the eye-candy quotient the guys' bars are known for.

Baby Got Black
After bidding adieu to skunky buns, we said a hearty hello to some hunky ones at the bottomless boy bash known as Mr. Black at Bardot. The week's theme was "Night of 1000 Asses," which, both in NYC, where it began, and at the Hollywood offshoot, is pretty much every Tuesday night here. Head host Luke Nero, who became famous for his booty baring at the original club, keeps his pants on these days, but the bounty of boys in top hats, aprons and nothing else serving you drinks and dancing for your pleasure keeps things bootylicious. Like a more crack-centic, upscale take on L.A.'s fave queen scenes (Rhonda, Mustache Mondays, etc.), the soundtrack is disco-techy, eclectic and sexy (Amanda Lepore's "My Pussy" is an exemplary track) and so is the crowd. Tuesday, the mix got a femme-bot injection, too, with singers Josie "Johnny Are You a Queer?" Cotton and Ginger Coyote pumping up the patio with the Nightranger posse. Clubber critics say the party is nothing like the Big Apple (bottom) original, but this is El Lay, so it's not gonna be, and more than anywhere else, you never know who you might see (everyone from Adam Lambert to contestants from RuPaul's Drag Race II recently). Expect more star-crossed crowds when DJ Samantha Ronson takes over the decks this Tuesday (Feb. 23). We're guessing certain Hollywood hotties will horde in.

King Glut

Just when we thought the 'Wood couldn't get any swankier, the new W Hollywood Hotel & Residences unveiled a major part of its sprawling, elegant edifice last Thursday, including Innovative Dining Group's newest concept, Delphine, outdoor bar The Station and the W's lobby, a.k.a. The Living Room. Talk about ooh-aah worthy. With the French Brasserie serving up uber-decadent desserts, and the Dining Group's other eateries Boa, Sushi Roku and Katana offering nonstop helpings of everything else upstairs, it was literally a gorge-fest. Our diet went out the scenic windows (with a view of the Walk of Fame), that's for sure, but it was refreshing to see so many frail starlet types (Amber Valletta, Audrina Patridge, Bridget Marquardt) actually eating and enjoying it for once. A humongous crystal-chandelier sculpture hangs from the sky-high ceiling of the lavish Living Room, backed by an amazing spiral staircase, but however glam, it's cozy, too, especially with a loungey live band playing chill grooves beneath it (Ashanti took the mic for the occasion). We couldn't possibly imagine living on the boulevard, but it's easy to see why some might want to with palatial quarters like these, especially when the highly anticipated Drai's provides convenient clubbin' in the building come March.

We Mean It, Man ...
And finally, we'd like to wish PR powerhouse the Mitch Schneider Organization a very fond congrats for its 15 fabulous years in the music biz. MSO, which helms publicity for all the biggest clambakes (Coachella, Warped Tour, Ozzfest) marked the occasion with quite the shindig at The Roxy last week: Lucent Dossier did a lil' dance, Crystal Method made a lil' love (to the decks) and Perry Farrell got down live with help from his wifey Etty for revelers including Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan, Devo's Gerald Casale, Blondie's Clem Burke, Stray Cat Slim Jim Phantom, Wax's Joe Sib, James Intveld, The Veronicas, Henry Duarte and Santino Rice. The bash was a smash, and for Nightranger, we mean literally. After chatting with and shooting pics of Steve Jones with Schneider in the VIP area, a freak accident with one of the tabletops saw the Sex Pistol falling to the floor and trampling us to the ground. Nobody got hurt, but regrettably, we didn't get a photo of the anarchy, as Jonesy suggested we should have. We were actually kinda shaken. But hey, it was a punk-rock moment, so we got over it. Schneider's surely seen his share of raucous stumbling. A former writer for Rolling Stone, Crawdaddy, Creem and Circus mags, he made the shift in the late '70s, and has been turning us press peeps on to the best music and events ever since. Read more about his wild ride from rock journo to tastemaker PR guru in a Q&A on our West Coast Sound blog this week.


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