16 Years of Respect: A Drum & Bass Playlist by Machete

"If We Ever" - High Contrast (Hospital, 2007)
"If We Ever" captured an elegance and beauty not heard in D&B for some time. This track is a throwback to the early days of amens and piano riffs that would give you chills before the drop even came. HC played Respect once back in March of 2003 and that set is available to hear on our website player.

"Machete" - DJ Hazard (Playaz, 2008)
A favorite tune of mine for obvious reasons, this was the go-to anthem for many big DJ's and seemed to set off a new era for the jump-up genre of D&B. DJ Hazard has yet to play America, but I hope to someday get him on our Respect stage.

"Timewarp" - Sub Focus (Ram, 2009)
Nick Douwma began his rise through the ranks of drum & bass with his first few releases, but it was "Timewarp," released on his self-titled Ram Records LP, that really cemented its place in DJ sets across the world. Just when we think the dust is settling on this track, someone else drops it at just the right moment and the whole place explodes with energy. 

"Stand Up" feat. Dynamite MC - Friction vs Camo & Krooked (Shogun Audio, 2010)
A huge collab track featuring the very talented Dynamite MC. Definitely one of the biggest tunes of 2010, played often at our club night. Did I mention, this tune is HUGE!?!

"Marka" - Dub Phizix and Skeptical feat. Strategy (Exit, 2011)
This track's unique rhythm and structure served up an unforgettable half-time track to the bass music massive, hungry for something different in the post-dubstep era.

"Elevate This Sound" - Calyx & TeeBee (Ram, 2012)
Everything about this track is inspiring, from the title, to its namesake vocal, and down to the amazing production values of Torgeir Byrknes and Larry Cons. The first release on their Ram Records LP, All or Nothing, finally shined a well-deserved light on this amazing production team. Calyx & TeeBee at Respect in November of 2012 holds the crown for best-attended night of D&B at the Dragonfly with over 700-plus packed into the venue.

"1000 Soul Songs" - Die & Jenna G (Gutter Funk, 2013)
One of my favorite tracks from 2013 by far, DJ Die and Jenna G put the gutter funk back in D&B with this soulful release. DJ Die performed at Respect with I-Kamanchi, but Jenna G has yet to bless our stage.

"Want My Love" - Metrik (Hospital, 2014)
Metrik's Universal Language LP on Hospital Records made waves in drum & bass upon its release, and this track was the clear standout featuring vocals by Elisabeth Troy. Metrik played at Respect alongside Nu:Logic (Nu:Tone and Logistics) for our Hospital night in August of 2013.

"Twenty Questions" - Ivy Lab (Critical Music, 2015)
One of the great tunes of 2015 so far, this track evokes the best of liquid, soulful drum & bass produced by a trio consisting of Sabre, Stray and Halogenix. One of my favorite soulful tracks from this year; I look forward to hearing more from the Ivy Lab and hope Respect or someone can bring them to L.A. very soon!

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