16 Years of Respect: A Drum & Bass Playlist by Machete

You know he's got some Roni Size on there
You know he's got some Roni Size on there
Full Cycle Recordings

[Editor's note: Ahead of Respect's Control takeover this Friday at Avalon, we asked co-founder Rob "Machete" Gonzalez to give us a playlist of 16 tracks representing each of Respect's 16 years of bringing the best talent in drum and bass to Los Angeles. Here's what he delivered.]

"Can't Punish Me" - Dom & Roland (Moving Shadow, 1999)
Dominic Angas created an instant classic with this track, destroying dance floors and punishing those who still may have wondered why Roland never turned up at the DJ gigs. Dom & Roland headlined our Respect 4-year anniversary back in March of 2003 and played numerous times after, never failing to take our crowd on a musical journey of mental proportions.

"Nasty Ways" - Dillinja (Valve, 2000)
As nasty as the title suggests, this tune circulated on dubplate for some time before its official release. Dillinja has never played Respect but his music remains very influential to us and the scene at large.

"Up All Night" - John B (Metalheadz, 2001)
John B played this massive tune on dubplate the first time he played for Respect in August of 2000. This track has always reminded me of the Miami Winter Music Conference in what I feel was its D&B heyday (1999-2003), and still defines and reminds me of that entire era.

"Shake Your Body" - Shy FX & T Power (Ebony, 2002)
This song is so different from everything coming out at that time. I remember I had just received the vinyl in the mail and made our resident DJ Noface close his set at Respect with it that very same night because I was so excited that I needed to hear the track out loud at our club. Both Shy FX and T Power have each played Respect separately one time.

"Lyric on My Lip" - Roni Size & MC Tali (Full Cycle, 2003)
Roni and Tali delivered a funky roller with such catchy vocals, every dance floor would erupt into a veritable D&B karaoke when it was played. Tali performed at Respect with I-Kamanchi in August of 2003 and sang this live for a very appreciative crowd. A recording of that live set is available to hear via our website player.

"True Romance" - dBridge & Vegas (Metalheadz, 2004)
One of their first big tracks post-Bad Company, and this one was as melodic as it was deep and menacing. Great for double-drops, this one was DJ-friendly and still gets a huge response. I am thankful for having dBridge play Respect nearly every year since its release.

"Messiah" - Konflict (Renegade Hardware, 2005)
Kemal and Rob Data, aka Konflict, are no longer producing together, but their collaborative efforts propelled the neuro genre of D&B to another level. This track was played on dubplate for years until finally getting its official release after much red tape and controversy. "Messiah" begins with an unmistakable hair-raising intro heard many times at Respect and around the world.

"Sidewinder" (Hochi & Infiltrata Rmx) - Photek (Photek Productions, 2006)
Everyone was blown away when Hochi and his L.A. partner Infiltrata came out with this remix of Photek's 'Sidewinder' track. So good from start to finish, another sign that U.S.-based D&B producers were coming into their own. Infiltrata headlined Respect many times before making the transition to becoming the artist 12th Planet.

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