10 Questions With The Lovetones

Unlike so many rock subgeneres (say, synth punk), psychedelic rock & roll is not a sometimes food. It is a staple. And it needn’t always be innovative to do its job. Swaggering, melodically driven, drug-positive, optimistically depressive, possibly secretly Celtic — these are timeless values shared by Aussies the Lovetones on their sophomore LP, Meditations. Locals may know leader Matthew Tow (formerly of Drop City) as a buddy of the Brian Jonestown Massacre. His crushes include Bowie, Lennon and the Zombies. We e-mailed him 10 questions.

1. Favorite lyric? Since we are in New York at the moment it would have to be John Lennon. “Nobody told me there’d be days like these.”

2. How’d you get your name? With great difficulty.

3. Pot or alcohol? Earl Grey tea.

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4. Do you realize you’ve found the vocal overlap between Lennon and Bowie? That’s very nice of you to say. Hell, I would even sing like Sinatra if I could.

5. Dream opening gig? We have already done that in Sydney when we opened for Morrissey.

6. Do you have a rivalry with BJM or strictly friendship? No, it’s gone beyond that. We are strictly FAMILY now.

7. Musical guilty pleasure? I can’t tell you that. If it ever got out, it could ruin my career.

8. What are you currently reading? Dylan Thomas’ In America.

9. What’s in your CD player? Big Jim Sullivan’s Sitar Beat.

10. Ever met AC/DC? Who are they?

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