Unhung Hero (NR)

Documentary 84 December 6, 2013
By Ernest Hardy
When Patrick Moote proposed to his girlfriend at a UCLA basketball game, with the act caught on Jumbotron, her fleeing the scene was just the start of his "humiliation." That moment hit YouTube, where it garnered 10 million views in four days and became the subject of nationwide newscasts (which was possibly more his goal than matrimony). That still wasn't the worst of the plotlines being teased out. It was Moote's girlfriend's alleged reason for saying no that crushed him: his little dick. In the documentary Unhung Hero, director Brian Spitz follows Moote as he descends into obsession about the size of his member, conducting man- and woman-on-the-street interviews to ask if size matters, subjecting himself to a host of penis-enhancement gimmicks and treatments (which take him around the world in search of a cure for his plight), and interviews urologists and sexologists (including the delightful Annie Sprinkle.) Moote, a struggling comedian, plays most of the material for good-natured laughs (though a graphic scene in which a man's penis is operated on is shudder-inducing), but his sad-sack demeanor imbues the narrative with a bit of melancholy that, at times, manifests as a center-frame energy sap. As the film dissects various cultural norms and goes behind the scenes of the $5 billion penis enhancement industry, it transcends the concerns of one man to show the flipside of the gender equality movement: unrealistic cultural "norms" have made men almost as neurotic about their bodies as they have women for generations.
Brian Spitz Patrick Moote Lynn Schmitz, Thomas Brettschneider Breaking Glass Pictures

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