Turnaround Jake (NR)

Comedy 95 min. June 20, 2014
By Ernest Hardy
A stealth bit of Christian proselytizing with a healthy bit of flag-waving, Turnaround Jake has a biting, anti-corporate message at its core. When obnoxious, rising-star businessman Jacob (Jarret LeMaster) inadvertently makes his job the focus of an FBI raid, he has to flee Los Angeles for the small Texas town where he grew up. Once there, he discovers his family has changed in ways wholly unexpected (the film's big secret will be painfully obvious to viewers long before Jacob figures it out) and begins to walk a slow path toward redemption.

The problem isn't Turnaround Jake's patriotism or its religious overtones but that writer Shawn S. and director Jared Isham present every character, plot twist and line of dialogue in the broadest, most simplistic terms. Jacob represents (and is often little more than a mouthpiece for) cutthroat business practices, and when he's rebutted by his father's new flame, it sounds like a couple of opposing political tracts sprung to life. The acting is largely competent, given the flatness of the material, with scenes between Jacob and his heartbroken ex-girlfriend (Jen Lilley), being significantly more than that; they crackle with real tension and emotion. It gives nothing away to say that there is a very happy ending.
Jared Isham Jarret LeMaster, Jen Lilley, Michael Madsen, David H. Lawrence XVII, Patrick Quinlan, Jamison Haase, Jeff Gum, Mackenzie Marsh, Karter Percival, Mark Withers Shawn S.


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