The Ganzfeld Haunting (NR)

By Alan Scherstuhl
The Wolf of Wall Street may have set the record for fucks in a movie, but ladies-in-underpants indie horror quickie The Ganzfeld Haunting trumps it in one bad-behavior metric: There are more shots of sweaty characters snorting lines of coke here than in all Scorsese movies combined. Problem is, the filmmaking delivers none of the contact high, and viewers will likely suspect that whoever bought that blow got fleeced, as its only effect seems to be a bleary lassitude — and a willingness in young women to dutifully grind against each other just because a dude has a video camera. That grinding, hilariously protracted, takes up the film's sagging middle; the shame of it is that The Ganzfeld Haunting's first third is promising. To complete a ridiculous final project in a psychology class at a college that deserves to lose its accreditation, reserved beauty Becket (Taylor Cole) and three other students hole up in an abandoned house to run ESP experiments on each other. Lickety-split, their vintage computer monitor picks up images flickering in their minds. Instead of immediately reporting this fantastic breakthrough, or the murder that those images suggest occurred in that house, the students work through an anthill's worth of coke and indulge in smutty/demure sex play — director Michael Oblowitz's camera leers at Cole's and Rumer Willis's bra and panties as if it's being operated by a horny kid who's a little scared of what's under them. One image sums it up: Cole's pantied abdomen, moving in slo-mo toward the camera, the tip of the butcher knife the actress wields practically an arrow directing eyes to her crotch.
Michael Oblowitz Taylor Cole, Ryan Donowho, Kimberly Estrada, Mikayla Figueroa, Toby Hemingway, Cody Howell, Holt McCallany, Dominic Purcell Theodore Gildred III, Michael Oblowitz


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