The Crumbles (NR)

Comedy 75 April 26, 2013
By Chuck Wilson
Amiable and annoying, sweet and exasperating, this micro-budget indie shares qualities you might ascribe to its main characters, a two-girl, one-guy L.A. rock band. Actually, the band barely exists. Darla (Katie Hipol), a singer-songwriter and guitarist who works in a bookstore, forms The Crumbles with her longtime friend Elisa (Teresa Michelle Lee), who moves into Darla’s place after a breakup. With Dante (Jeff Torres) on drums, things seems promising, but flaky, flighty Elisa keeps missing rehearsals and generally driving Darla crazy. Writer-director Akira Boch’s debut feature isn’t action-packed—the band and their friends hang out, drink too much, rehearse a little, and generally drift. This movie runs less than 90 minutes but doesn’t find its groove until the halfway point, when we finally get to see the band—they’re pretty good—in action. The Crumbles would have benefited from more music and fewer party montages, but those montages are skillfully assembled, and the music and club scenes feel authentic. Boch may want to up the energy level on his next film, but having an easy touch with movement and character is a skill that can’t be taught. And he’s good at casting—this movie has a really great dog (Pocky).
Akira Boch Teresa Michelle Lee, Katie Hipol, Jeff Torres, Seth Millwood Akira Boch Independent Pictures


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