Silver Case (NR)

Action/Adventure 87 March 22, 2013
By Chuck Wilson
Some movies really are unwatchable, but a reviewer, as an underpaid but loyal public servant, must persevere. Take, for example, Silver Case, the truly terrible debut feature of writer-director Christian Filippella and writer Jason A. White, which features Eric Roberts as a character known only as "The Senator," whose former business partner and current nemesis is "The Master" (Brad Light). To bring him down, The Senator has arranged for a briefcase to be delivered by courier to The Master's house, at which point the lockless case will automatically open, revealing something lethal (presumably). The briefcase is quickly stolen, thus initiating a dizzying roundelay of thefts, many of them unpleasantly violent, as thugs from all over Los Angeles become obsessed with the case, the unknown contents of which are assumed to be worth a fortune. Filippella, who also served as the film's cinematographer and editor, cross-cuts like mad among more characters than one can track, including two African-American brothers (Brian Keith Gamble and Chris Facey) who have an excruciatingly inane conversation about the vagaries of chance that is surely inspired by Pulp Fiction, and which goes on for at least 10 minutes of screen time, maybe longer. After a while, one’s brain simply shuts down.
Christian Filippella Eric Roberts, Brian Keith Gamble, Chris Facey, Claire Falconer, Brad Light, Shalim Ortiz, Kelvin Han Yee, Stanley B. Herman, Seymour Cassel, Art Hsu Jason A. White, Christian Filippella Christian Filippella Breaking Glass Pictures


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