Moebius (NR)

Drama 90 min. August 1, 2014
By Sherilyn Connelly
Both castration anxiety and the need for fathers and sons to learn to hug are popular themes these days, and director Kim Ki-duk finds a new, deeply squicky spin on them in his horror film Moebius. When a wife (Lee Eun-woo) discovers that her husband (Cho Jae-hyun) is having an affair with a convenience-store clerk (also Lee Eun-woo, with shorter hair and less eye shadow), she sets out to castrate the husband. Failing at this mission, she instead castrates their teenage son (Seo Young-ju), and that's when things start getting really twisted: The husband researches genital-transplant surgery while the son contends with the societal ramifications of not being able to pee in a straight line, all of which leads to (among other things) gang rape, incest, more castration, pain-induced orgasms, and the unfortunate tendency of pain to remain after the orgasm fades. Yet, what really makes Moebius unique is the complete lack of dialogue. Characters scream in pain or pleasure (often both at the same time), but the only narrative information communicated via language is the husband's frequent Googling. Except for the presence of the Internet, the picture feels like a retelling of an ages-old fable. In fact, Moebius is almost weird enough to be a creation myth, and that's no small accomplishment.
Kim Ki-Duk Cho Jae-hyun, Young Joo Seo, Eun-woo Lee Kim Ki-Duk Ram Releasing


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