Meet the Spartans (PG-13)

Comedy 84 January 25, 2008
By Luke Y. Thompson
No doubt, you heard the gay jokes about 300. No doubt, you made some of them. But never did you think an entire movie could be made from those mild titters. The writing-directing team of Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer thought otherwise. To this deadly duo, there is no joke so lame that it can't be repeated. (Did you hear the one about how Donald Trump wears a wig?) They once again prove themselves to be the cinematic equivalent of that annoying friend who thinks repeating the jokes he saw last night on TV is the funniest damn thing ever. Meet the Spartans is a mild improvement over their Epic Movie, which is like saying that a debilitating fever is more fun than appendicitis. What's shocking is how lazy it is, which is a shame for former UK child star and pop singer Sean Maguire, whose Gerard Butler impersonation is spot-on. But after from the obvious gay jokes ("I Will Survive" performed — twice), what remains is an endless array of product placements masquerading as self-referential humor and movie references that Seltzer and Friedberg don't even trust the audience to get.
Jason Friedberg, Aaron Selzer Sean MaGuire, Carmen Electra, Ken Davitian, Kevin Sorbo, Diedrich Bader, Method Man, Jareb Dauplaise, Travis Van Winkle, Phil Morris, Jim Piddock Jason Friedberg, Aaron Seltzer Jason Friedberg, Peter Safran, Aaron Seltzer 20th Century Fox

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