By Chuck Wilson
Cigarettes, cologne, candy, and advice-- the Manhattan strip club men's room attendant known as "Shoes" has all the things a guy needs to goose along a boozy night. In a remarkably assured debut, first-time writer-director George Griffith, who also stars, has a made a movie that takes place entirely in a small, square room yet never feels claustrophobic or visually stilted. (The cinematographer is Marin Matiasek.) At least two dozen men—and a few scantily clad strippers (when the ladies' room briefly shuts down)-- enter Shoes's kingdom over the course of the night, and if their banter and mini-monologues never rise above cliché, the movie itself never stops moving. Pushing 30, educated, maybe a writer, maybe not, Shoes is smooth on the outside and jittery on the inside, which Griffith the actor reveals in subtle, surprising ways. In real life, he once worked as a men's room attendant, and indeed, the details of the trade prove to be the film's most memorable element. A long blond hair can be removed from a (married) man's coat, but not glitter. "Hit ya next time," means no tip, and as suspected, there are way too men walking around with unwashed hands.
George Griffith George Griffith, Matthew Lillard, Jeffrey Doornbos, Samantha Lemole, Ahna O'Reily, Jon Polito, James Urbaniak, Giuseppe Andrews George Griffith Jeffrey Doornbos, Russell Gray, Chris Lemole Breaking Glass Pictures

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