From Hollywood to Rose (NR)

Comedy 84 min. June 16, 2017
By Kenji Fujishima
What Martin Scorsese's After Hours was to New York, Liz Graham and Matt Jacobs' From Hollywood to Rose aspires to be for Los Angeles, in its own lighter-hearted and whimsical way. The central figure is a middle-aged woman (Eve Annenberg) who has just run away from her wedding. Swirling around her is a series of eccentrics encountered during an evening-long journey via the city's notoriously unreliable bus system as she tries to make her way to Venice.

The supporting cast of weirdos ranges from mildly amusing (a well-dressed male passenger who believes he can psychically communicate with dragons; a threatening-looking gangster who turns out to have an acute fashion sense) to supremely irritating. The main character spends much of her evening with two over-enthusiastic nerds who argue about the best Batman movies and the accuracy of a Mace Windu quote from a Star Wars prequel. Most are characterized and played so broadly that you may occasionally feel a strong urge to search for an emergency exit.

Still, with an uncanny, deadpan line delivery that finds shades of pathos in the nuttiest of dialogue, the magnetic Annenberg proves arresting even at the film's most insufferable. She's so adept at grounding From Hollywood to Rose with a sense of recognizable humanity that I hope someone in Hollywood sees this film and takes notice of her gifts.
Liz Graham, Matt Jacobs Eve Annenberg, Linda Bisesti, Ray Brahmi, Chia Chen, Danny Cleary Matt Jacobs

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