Dark House (R)

Horror 104 min. March 14, 2014
By Chuck Wilson
Dark House is one nutty horror movie, but what's crazier still is how well it works — until it doesn't. Nick (an excellent Luke Kleintank), 23, has a psychic power that gives him visions of how certain people will die. Desperate to understand its source, Nick begins an ancestral search that leads him, with his best friend (Anthony Rey Perez) and very pregnant girlfriend (Alex McKenna) in tow, to the deep woods of Mississippi, and a deserted Gothic mansion guarded by hunched-over, stringy-haired, ax-wielding ghosts. The house, by the way, may exist in an alternate dimension, and there appears to be a monster in the walls. Writer-director Victor Salva (Powder, Jeepers Creepers) and his co-writer, newcomer Charles Agron, throw in more plot points than they can sensibly explain, and Dark House sputters to a close, but die-hard horror fans may enjoy the ride. Salva has a controversial past (look it up), but he's a natural-born filmmaker, and a witty one — the movements of those ax-wielding ghosts are synchronized, like music video dancers. It's a shame Salva and company didn't spend more time inside the setting promised by the title; that's a honey of a haunted house.
Victor Salva Luke Kleintank, Tonya Carter, Brandon Smith, Lesley-Anne Down, Anthony Rey Perez, Alex McKenna, Daniel Ross Owens, Max Gail, Charles Agron, Patricia Belcher Charles Agron, Victor Salva Charles Agron Productions

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