Bob's New Suit (NR)

Drama 95 March 22, 2013
By Lily Janiak
For any fans of the 2003 cult hit The Room—often derided as the worst movie ever made—who despair that writer/director/star/etc. Tommy Wiseau has failed to make another film, Bob’s New Suit, written and directed by Alan Howard, may offer some relief. While the values are higher and the script is more coherent, the similarities with The Room are nonetheless striking. The soundtrack attempts to add drama and suspense where there is none. A strange accent and poor dubbing call attention to themselves. Characters and plot lines—a marriage proposal, a gender transition, a heart disease, a fake orphaning, plant-smuggling, a discussion of Virginia Woolf’s Orlando—burgeon. A mother’s ailment is mentioned, only to be magically resolved (or ignored) by the film’s end. Characters “toss the ball around”—a basketball, this time—in a way that suggests they’ve heard about the game once or twice. Same goes for many family interactions; actors wear their characters like protective shells, huffing through a diatribe or stretching a grin wider as if bigger performances could disguise the script’s essential clumsiness. But the film offers one delightful mistake that even Wiseau didn’t make: voiceover, which comes from the Italian suit (with accent to match) that Bob (Hunter Bodine) has to buy for his wedding to Jenny (Hayley DuMond). “Fate definitely has a mind of its own,” says the suit. “I fear it is weaving a tapestry that will lead to disaster.” How prescient.
Alan R. Howard Hayley DuMond, Jenny Shimizu, Shay Astar, Charlie Babcock, Hunter Bodine Alan R. Howard Peter Jamison


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