Between Us (R)

Comedy 90 June 14, 2013
By Chuck Wilson
The two married couples in this woefully schematic play-turned-film emote madly, revealing all manner of sexual secrets and hidden jealousies, not one of which will come as a surprise. In Between Us, screenwriter Joe Hortua, adapting his 2004 play with co-writer–director Dan Mirvish, gracefully time-shifts between two ill-fated parties, both of which, regrettably, are angst-filled and humor-free. Initially, the poor but radiantly happy Carlo and Grace (Taye Diggs and Julia Stiles) have dinner in upstate New York with their wealthy friends Joel and Sharyl (David Harbour and Melissa George), who do a lousy job hiding their disdain for one another. Two years later, a blissfully renewed Joel and Sharyl visit Carlo and Grace, now with a newborn they don’t exactly adore, debts they can’t pay, and a lot of hostility toward their well-to-do guests. The script gives each of its fine actors a lot of showy dialogue to chew on, and though the four hit their marks skillfully, the characters and crises never ring true. Hortua and Mirvish’s insights into the economic resentments that can build between friends are ornately written, but feel pat, as if they were gleaned not from life itself but from other plays, other movies.
Dan Mirvish Melissa George, Julia Stiles, Taye Diggs, David Harbour, Robert S. Martin III, Mara New, Aaron Webster, Malin Yhr, Christopher Swank, Michelle Peltz Dan Mirvish, Joe Hortua Dan Mirvish, Hans C. Ritter, Mike S. Ryan Monterey Media

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