Abandoned Mine (PG-13)

Suspense/Thriller August 15, 2013
By Rob Staeger
Haunted houses come in many shapes and sizes, and the title location in Abandoned Mine is the only fresh coat of paint this one gets. Boiled down to its threadbare basics, a haunted house story is about people doing a scary thing because it will be scary . . . and then, to their surprise, it turns out to be scary. In Jeff Chamberlain’s stab at the genre, the foolhardy teens (including former Spy Kid Alexa Vega) don the now-obligatory camera helmets and venture forth, some reluctantly, for one last Halloween fright in an old mine haunted by a murdered miner and his daughters. The problem is, mines don’t have to be haunted to be dangerous places, and when the kids, one after the other, wind up spelunking down a hole in the floor, it’s not necessarily a sign that they don’t believe in silly old ghosts—it’s a sign that they don’t have the common sense to leave someone behind to guard their escape. If they don’t care if they live or die, why should we? Needless to say, all is not as it seems. And if the vengeful ghosts get their due, it’s not, unfortunately, before all the paper-thin characters wear out their welcome.
Jeff Chamberlain Alexa Vega, Reiley McClendon, Adam Hendershott, Saige Thompson, Charan Prabhakar, Valerie C. Walker, Cody Walker Jeff Chamberlain Gravitas Ventures

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