Hastings Plastics: Legendary Maker of Sculptures for L.A. Artists Closes
After 55 Years

Pacific Standard Time to Night Gallery: The Year in L.A. Art

Top 10 Moments of the Year in L.A. Art

Watts Towers at Pacific Standard Time: How their legacy is more confusing than you'd think

Ice Cube and Charles and Ray Eames: Gangsters Making the World Go Round

Los Angeles Modern Auctions: 5 Iconic Works of California Design on Sale Sunday

Harry Gamboa of Asco: How A Chicano Performance Group Turned Oppression into Dangerous Fun

'How Los Angeles Invented the World' with Wim Wenders, William Friedkin and Others: Is L.A. in a Cultural Adolescence?

MOCA's 'Kenneth Anger: ICONS' Opening: Avant-Garde Filmmaker Parties with Dave Navarro, Porn Star April Flores and More

Joan Didion's Blue Nights: Why She's the Quintessential Writer for Pacific Standard Time

Bruce Bellas' 'Bruce of Los Angeles: Beefcakes and Boundaries': Famed Erotic Photographer Rocks Pop tART Gallery in Koreatown

Eric Doeringer's Eastern Standard Time: Best Rip-Off of Pacific Standard Time

Ed Moses On New Work The Poet and the Jabberwocky, Painting in Four Dimensions, Alice in Wonderland and Marilyn Monroe's Butt

Susan Mogul Spoofs Jason Schwartzman and Anthony Kiedis in her own Pacific Standard Time Campaign

Judy Chicago's Upcoming Disappearing Environments: How Do You Make Art Out of Gigantic Pyramids of Dry Ice?

'The Lords & The New Creatures' at Nye+Brown: How Jim Morrison's Poetry Book Inspired an L.A. Art Show About Cars

Art Platform, Pulse and Other Art Fairs Take Over the City. What Did L.A. Think?

Six Pacific Standard Time Artworks Worth Seeing

Night Gallery Moves in to Chateau Marmont: Move Over, Lindsay Lohan

Steve Turner Contemporary's Artist Studio Map Shows Where Artists Work in L.A.

Pacific Standard Time: Don't Be Overwhelmed. Just Take it Slow.

LACMA's 'Living In a Modern Way' Evokes Star Trek and Other Revelations of 'Insane' Free Museum Day

Art Platform, Pulse and Other Art Fairs Arrive This Weekend, But Can They Piggyback On Pacific Standard Time Successfully?

Is Pacific Standard Time Trying Too Hard?

Pacific Standard Time: Frequently Asked Questions From Irritable Skeptics

Ten Revelations from Pacific Standard Time's Opening Press Event at the Getty

Larry Bell Gets a Restaurant, Larry's, Where the Opening was a Pacific Standard Time Reunion

Pacific Standard Time Fall Art Preview Celebrates L.A., a Great and Shitty Place to be an Artist

Robert Irwin's Getty Sculpture Black on White: How Do You Install a 40,000-Pound Slab of Black Granite?

Asco at LACMA: Glitter, Face Paint, Velvet and Chiffon in the Name of Politics


Pacific Standard Time: Celebrating the Freaks and Weirdos of L.A. Art

Pacific Standard Time: Timeline 1945-1980

Eight Reasons Why L.A. Art Is the Way It Is

The Three Stooges and Chris Burden: What Do They Have in Common?

Peter Voulkos, Can I Have Your Autograph?

Driving Pacific Standard Time: How a Studio Becomes a Starbucks


Billy Al Bengston: Art Takes Balls

Eli Broad: Blame My Wife

Chris Burden: Dead Man and a Hot Dog Stand

Judy Chicago: What I Learned From Male Chauvinists

Michael Govan: To Understand L.A. Art, I Went to Italy

Ed Moses: I'm Not Creative. Really

Betye Saar: Assemblage of Anger

Barbara T. Smith: How Divorce Causes Performance Art




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