Sharktoof, Ryan Graeff, 2 Cents in the Street

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Wed, Jun 11, 2008 at 12:02 PM

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A few days ago I remarked how strange it is that the same artists that are showing some beautiful work in local galleries like Ghettogloss are also throwing their stuff up around town on buildings, construction sites and walls. Gallery = thousands of dollars. Streets = anger of property owners and city and county employees trying to destroy it as fast as it goes up.

Ryan Graeff and Sharktoof have work up right now at Ghettogloss on Glendale in Silver Lake. Click here to see it. All around town though you can find their stuff along the 101, in Echo Park, Hollywood and beyond. More after the jump.

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MBW is in the same boat. His art has been a permanent fixture along Melrose for years now, with his solo art show opening next week at the CBS building in Hollywood.

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Photos by Mark Mauer

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All of these can be found (as of June 8 at least) along Sunset Blvd. a little west of Alvarado Blvd. in Echo Park

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All photos by Mark Mauer. See something good? Send email or photos to lurker@laweekly.com

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