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Headless Chicken and TLG

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Wed, Apr 30, 2008 at 12:15 PM

These were seen recently in the area of Melrose and LaBrea near Gallery1988, PInk's and Babeland.

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"Death to the Normals" and then a headless chicken. Weird. On the left side of the box though (what are these gray things called? Does anyone know?) is one of MBW's Martin Luther King posters covered here and here. The fist is for CompoundRadio which has some decent imagery on their website. They seem to be a non-local internet radio station.

click to enlarge IMG_7228.jpg

Then across on the south side of Melrose Ave. is another Tastes like Gold! work.

click to enlarge IMG_7230.jpg

Not as dense and detailed as some others we've seen, but I'm still digging the bat heads. And after all, this spot is probably being watched 24/7, so who knows how long he had to create it.

All photos by Mark Mauer. More after the jump.

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Hey! New graffiti movie movie coming:

click to enlarge IMG_7226.jpg

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