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Originally built in 1950 in what was then Walt Disney's backyard and now located in Griffith Park, Carolwood Barn recreates a barn from Disney's childhood Missouri farm, where he dressed pets in doll's clothes and put on a circus. It's where he built trains, where Imagineering was born and where the plans for his biggest train set were hatched. Inside is an intimate biography told through tools and workbenches. It is oddly inspiring to see the humblest creations of a man who built kingdoms: a piece of broomstick cut to become a hanger for his overalls, a Boraxo soap dispenser mounted above the sink where he washed up after doing the work that would change the way the world plays.

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    A free Disney attraction sounds like a fairy tale, but on the third Sunday of every month, a little slice of Brigadoon appears in Griffith Park when Walt Disney's private workshop opens up from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.


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