Tiki enthusiasts and vivacious valley girls and guys flock to this festive luau-like bar experience. The old bar (opened in 1958) was bought about 5 years ago and subtle changes were made, including the new "drooling bastard" fountain, a refurbished kidney-shaped drop ceiling, and a nice smattering of Polynesian masks and velvet paintings. It's kitschy but not tacky, cozy not crazy -- rare with these kinds of environments. Even the 7-foot-tall moai (Easter Island statue) seems at home. The hut is a happening hub most nights thanks to tasty concoctions -- The Tonga Lei, Ginger Flame, Tonga Punch, Rhumboogie, and Cum in a Hot Tub shot are witch-doctor lethal -- and a jumping jukebox filled with Exotica, Rockabilly, and Lounge plus a little 80's Rock, Classic Rock and R&B and Hip-hop.

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